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Bill with granddaughter Deanna
          My interest in providing for children a childhood much different and richer than is traditional in our culture grew out of my own search for meaning in life. As a young electrical engineer, with a wife and two little children, my search led me to leave my narrow culture-based and scientifically based concepts to adopt a view that the True Self, the essence, of each individual is magnificent and valuable. Wow! I sure started looking at our children with a sense of awe and trust that I never had before. Furthermore, my idea that parenting means "raising children" was tossed out as I contemplated the thought that the children were probably more advanced than I was.

          Professionally, I worked in the aerospace industry as a design engineer and manager, concluding my engineering career as the director of a software development laboratory. I became accustomed to using engineering principles and management principles in my work, but where were the principles for parenting?

          From my new views about children and my interest in finding principles to apply to parenting, I joined with my wife, Win, in developing our own approach to living with children, an approach that was as independent of concepts from our culture as we could make it. With time my confidence grew, but I soon learned that friends and neighbors typically were afraid to depart from the parenting practices that are normal in our culture. Even though there was little support from other parents, Win and I kept on with our own child-honoring paradigm for family living.

          Through the following years I have found abundant scientific and empirical support for various parts of our family living paradigm, but nowhere have I found it all together in one message. My passion is to get this message to all families so they, too, can live joyfully.  


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