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I received a degree in education and taught school until our children came to live with us; then I changed careers to become an at-home mom and wife.

          Over thirty-five years ago, when my husband, Bill, and I tried in vain to arrange a homebirth for our children, we began our quest for greater enlightenment in the way parenting is done and children are treated. Long ago an important ongoing principle in our philosophy became, "If the culture is doing it, question, question, question." When the practice of that principle led us to begin homeschooling the children in 1968, we knew of no one in the world doing it! Individually, and as a woman, questioning the culture at every turn has been exhilarating and so freeing.

          One of the greatest joys of my life has been the privilege of discovering principles that have become an avenue into joyful family living, not only in our home, but also in the homes of families that we have mentored. In addition to principles, I am delighted with the opportunities available today to learn immensely important information that will make a difference in the way our culture sees children. As we see them within the context of the truth about them, we adults upon whom the children depend so completely, can create for them an environment that nurtures, protects, and allows them to optimally grow and develop. Then we will see joyful children contributing through being. Their contributions will change the planet.

          This is the age of children. There are thousands of adults committed to changing the culture's paradigm of this precious segment of our population, the children. I am so grateful to be one among them. And I am grateful for our book, Living Joyfully with Children, as well as opportunities to give workshops and seminars, through which we are able to share our discoveries more broadly.

          "A person's a person, no matter how small." Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears a Who!  


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