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Evelyn and John Grau, married 73 years

A Tribute to My Dad
by Win Sweet

          When I was growing up, my Dad laughed a lot. At the dining or picnic table, in the car, around a campfire, he would suddenly start laughing. Everyone wondered why, "What was so funny?" He never stopped laughing to tell us. He just kept laughing. Soon everyone else was laughing, too. We'd look at each other, the eye contact saying, "This is crazy," and we'd laugh harder. When the laughter finally died down, we wiped away our laughing tears, and did we feel good!

          We never did find out what was so funny, but we sure enjoyed the laughing interlude. Sometimes my brother and I would have visiting friends when Dad would suddenly start laughing. I'm sure they thought we had a crazy, wonderful Dad, and they laughed and had fun right along with us.

          I give my dear Dad a special salute at this Father's Day time. But it cannot be complete without also paying tribute to my Mom. What is that old saying? "Behind every great man there is a great woman." This I know for sure: Beside my laughing Dad there's always been a precious, sweet Mom.  


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