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Raggedy Ann's Measuring Stick
by Win and Bill Sweet

Ryan and Deanna

The Gruelle Ideal

"It is the Gruelle Ideal that books for children should contain nothing to
      cause fright,
            suggest fear,
                  glorify mischief,
                        excuse malice or
                              condone cruelty.

That is why they are called, 'Books Good for Children.'"

                        --- Johnny Gruelle

      Johnny Gruelle began writing the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy books in 1918. Over the next five decades he wrote and illustrated more than twenty books in the series. As a child Win enjoyed the books as her mother read them to the family, and now our grandchildren, Deanna and Ryan, are devoted fans of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. These days we are busily looking in used books stores to add original copies to our collection.

      The stories tell of playful and funny adventures with fantasy and magic. Sometimes Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy find friends in distress and rescue them. Woven into Raggedy Ann and Andy's dialogue are wisdoms conveying attitudes of caring, kindness, and love.

      Oh! that present day children's books would all measure up to The Gruelle Ideal.



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