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New Year's Resolutions for Parents—2003

  • I resolve to talk TO my children less and talk WITH them more.


  • I shall always use "please" when asking of my children and "thank you" when receiving from them.


  • I resolve to not cause my child to suffer embarrassment.


  • I am determined not to use the computer or the television as a baby sitter.


  • I will remember that genuine play* with plenty of time for imagination and creativity, is necessary for proper development of the brain.
    *Entertainment is not play.


  • I will not arbitrarily make up rules, but will find sound principles for family governance.


  • I shall not crush my children's spirit by discrediting their creative ideas as worthless, foolish, or nonsense, regardless of how "far-out" the ideas are.


  • I will not over-schedule myself or my family.


  • I shall strive to honor my children (their ideas, their presence, their beauty/handsomeness, their choices, their importance to me, etc.) several times every day.


  • I will remember that children long to be tenderly touched— physically with hugs, mentally with assuring words, and emotionally with genuine kindness.


  • I shall not pressure my children with "Try harder," rather, I will encourage them with "Do your best."


  • I choose Joy as our family theme for 2003.



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