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      'Twas Mom's Night Before Christmas
        by Win Sweet

      'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
      Everyone was happy, even the mouse.

      This lovely occurrence took place
      Because Mom wasn't running a race.

      She cut down on "have to's" and traditions;
      She made lots of good, new decisions.

      You see, Mom started early and didn't do so much,
      Not even so many Christmas cards and such.

      The stockings were hung with fun and flair,
      For there was lots of joy there.

      The children were tucked into their beds with genuine relaxation,
      Because there was no stress sensation.

      Dad had a special twinkle in his eye;
      He could tell Mom was not apart about to fly.

      Mom and Dad gazed contentedly at this year's tree,
      With fewer "just right" gifts because Mom was free.

      Mom settled into her Christmas Eve bed,
      Joyfully anticipating the ease by which all would be fed.

      Yes, this year Christmas in this house (even for the mouse), will be the best ever;
      Mom didn't even try to do it all—how clever!



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