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Childhood—The Second Womb

Basic Principles


  • Childhood is a second womb in which the child can naturally mature and joyfully blossom in preparation for coming adulthood. A focus on carefully tending the womb allows the child to fulfill her or his wondrous potential.

  • Tending the womb is like tending a garden. The basics are already in place in the plants themselves; the gardener simply provides a nourishing and supportive environment.

  • Look to the childhood womb to determine the kind of life the child will be living in fifty years. Is the womb providing today that which will result in a joyful and fulfilling life fifty years from now?

  • If there are any problems, look to the child's environment first. Generally, all problems disappear when the proper adjustment is made in the womb.

  • Children are naturally joyful. It is stress in the second womb that most often stifles the joy.



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