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Publisher: Acropolis Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1889051179
Living joyfully with children is possible!
This book tells you how to experience it.

          We wrote this book to share the wealth of experiences and insights about children and families that we have been gathering for over thirty years. What a joy it has been to share this wealth! We are gratified to see the favorable reviews and comments the book is receiving; for example, the highly regarded author, Joseph Chilton Pearce, wrote: "Living Joyfully with Children is a gem in every respect, one of the best how-to books for parents I have read—lucid, unpretentious, straightforward, admirably easy to read, and absolutely invaluable. I was truly surprised at its depth and wisdom. I am thankful that such works do come along."

          This book describes our discovery of a parenting paradigm that works. It works because children feel honored and valuable, which results in cheerful and cooperative children, and because parents feel supported and confident, instead of afraid and confused by the parenting responsibility.

          You will find simple but powerful ideas, principles, and examples that you may apply to your relationships with children of all ages. As you apply the ideas, you will see the barriers to joy dissolve and the children will experience a childhood that yields life-long benefits.

          Our book is for parents, grandparents, and all caregivers of children. And according to some readers, the book is valuable to all adults who have been a child. These readers report they have gained better understanding of the dynamics of their own childhood, which triggered insight into unwanted emotional baggage and eliminated it. We were honored that The Education Source chose our book for their "Top Ten Books for Parents" list.

          This book is about reaching UP and living a family life that is Joyful. It's about honor, appreciation, recognizing value, and JOY in family living. It's about building a sturdy family structure that beautifully supports the family as a whole and every member of the family as an individual. This book is about living a family life that's worth our time.

          We wish for you, our readers, new views of parenting, children, and families so that you may always live joyfully with your children.

         And, if you would like to hear more about some of these subjects, you can listen to streaming audio on our Interviews Page.

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