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Parenting Authors at Book Signing.

Win and Bill Sweet will sign copies of their book, Living Joyfully With Children, Saturday at Neighbors Bookstore in the Village Center.

          Win and Bill Sweet will be available for an informal discussion of their book, Living Joyfully with Children, as well as to sign copies of the book. The event will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday at Neighbors Bookstore in the Village Center.

          Win is the daughter of 40-year South Lake Tahoe resident Evelyn Grau and the late John Grau, who both actively served the community for many years. She is a former teacher and stay-at-home mom, while Bill is a retired electrical engineer.

          The Sweets said they wrote the book because "As a young family we saw other families in our neighborhood having many problems with their children. We didn't want that for our family. We had to find a new way, and we did. We call it 'Principle-Centered Parenting.' It has turned out to be a way of joyful family living, a parenting paradigm that does work. It works because the paradigm includes using principles instead of rules, and honoring the true Self of the children.

          "While we were actively parenting, people often suggested that we write a book about our parenting style, but we always answered that we were too busy doing it. After the children were on their own we were approached by a publisher who had heard about our family experience. When he asked us to write a book, we decided the time had come," the Sweets said.

          Living Joyfully With Children is a collection of essays, each addressing a different area in which the Sweets found opportunities to make better choices in parenting. Some of the chapters are The Joy of Parenting, The Rhythm of Readiness, Single Parents Can Do It!, The Ideal Head Start, What about Santa Claus and Taking Care of Mom. The book exists because the Sweets have discovered that it is possible for families to live together joyfully. This discovery comes not only from their personal family experiences, but also from the experiences of many families that they have been mentoring.

          The book represents a new view of parenting that replaces various common cultural views such as, "Children, if left to their own devices, are basically wild, uncontrolled, unsociable in nature, and it is our job as parents to train them and constrain them until they become socially acceptable." The Sweets believe children are innately cooperative and loving, and that our role as parents is to recognize, honor and protect those innate qualities.

          For more than 20 years the Sweets have given workshops and seminars for parents and other caregivers of children. They are the authors of dozens of published articles on parenting and have served as mentors to many families. They share a passion for the realization of joyful family living. They have two grown children and three grandchildren.

          Living Joyfully With Children has won accolades from world renowned authors and child psychology experts like Joseph Chilton Pearce and Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., who say, respectively, "A gem in every respect, one of the best how-to books for parents I have read — unpretentious, straightforward, admirably easy to read, and absolutely invaluable. I was truly surprised at its depth and wisdom," and "This book should be in the hands of every parent on the planet."

          The Sweets currently are working on their next book titled, Living Joyfully with Teens.  



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