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         "Living Joyfully with Children is a gem in every respect, one of the best how-to books for parents I have read—lucid, unpretentious, straightforward, admirably easy to read, and absolutely invaluable. I was truly surprised at its depth and wisdom."
         --Joseph Chilton Pearce - Author, Magical Child  

          "This book is so different; I've never read anything like it. It's serious, yet lifting and inspirational. Our family has already adopted many of the ideas and principles, and yes, they do work. We're so thankful."
         -- Rebecca

         "Every parent and potential parent will benefit from reading about the authors' life experiences in how to be a real parent. And so much family disharmony, pain and unhappiness could be avoided, if they only knew the message of joyful parenting and honoring the true Self of children. The authors could not be more right that "children are naturally cheerful," and it is parenting that interferes with that natural cheerfulness. The insights in this book are well explained in the Epilogue when the authors acknowledge their debt to their wonderful parents who gave them a 'happy and loving childhood.' This is the highest praise that any child can give its parents.

         "I am honored to be able to endorse and support this excellent work. I hope that Living Joyfully with Children is read widely for it is more than deserving of being widely read by parents and future parents, and I will certainly do what I can do to spread the word."
         --Dr. James Prescott, Director, Institute of Humanistic Science  

         "I have found that the insight Win and Bill Sweet have shared in their book has transformed many ordinary daily situations with my children into richly meaningful experiences."

          "My two children are 2 years and 8 months. There is a lot of pressure from our friends and family to enroll them in classes, drag them to other peoples' homes for playdates, get them into school soon, and otherwise distance them from me, their mother. Thank you for writing a book that not only encourages, but inspires us, as parents, to trust & nurture our children the way we, in our hearts, know is best."

          "Living Joyfully with Children is a book about much more than parenting. If the readers can read the invisible print between the lines, they will have the secret of living life."
         -- Bonnie




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