What's New for Winter 2007?

We've added a new dimension to our website: sound. In August 2006, we were interviewed for two sessions on a national radio teleconference sponsored by the Homeschool.com website. We welcome you to join us.

Please come to the Interviews page for these two sessions.

What's New for Summer 2006?

Summer is just about over; school will soon begin. We are sharing with you an article on Homeschooling, one of the education options available to you.

The new vignette introduces the importance of guiding our children carefully as they grow toward independent adulthood.

Also check out the new Q and A page for a series of questions and answers on several topics of interest.

What's New for Winter 2006?

Most people long for success, and even further, "Success Without Stress." In this featured article we are addressing success in the education arena. However, you will see that the basic principles can be applied to all of life.

The new Vignette presents an "Opportunity" to begin practicing some of the ideas in the article, "Success Without Stress."

"Honoring Children's Individuality While Disciplining" is the subject of the new Q and A.

What's New for Christmas 2005?

We have for you a new featured Christmas article, "What About Santa Claus?" The answer to this question may surprise you.

Don't miss the special featured vignette, "Twas Mom's Night before Christmas," a fresh and thoughtful idea for Mom.

This new Q and A suggests an idea that will make the holidays more pleasant for Mom and Dad.

What's New for Spring 2005?

This Spring we have a new feature article Home for Dinner which illuminates the challenges and benefits surrounding shared family meals. We also have a new Question and Answer section, and don't forget to read our latest vignette Sorting out Priorities. We hope you enjoy these new pages and look forward to bringing you more throughout the coming year!

What's New for Christmas 2004?

Twas Mom's Night Before Christmas received so many appreciative comments last year that we want to share it with you again this Christmas. May you find new meaning, inspiration and joy. Merry Christmas!

What's New for the New Year?

We have three new additions to the site, which we hope you will enjoy:

  • a new Vignette titled, Nurturing Family Closeness. This is so important in these times when there isn't much cultural support for a close family.
  • a new Article titled, Getting Over Over-Scheduling. This, too, is important for the promotion of Joyful Family Living.
  • a new Question/Answer page addressing a common parental challenge. We hope you can translate the solution to your own needs.

What's New?

We have three new additions to the Website for you:

What's New in April?

Our readers frequently send us relevant questions. We share recent submissions with you in
Questions and Answers

What's New in March?

We invite you to check out this definition of "childhood."
Childhood—The Second Womb

What's New in the New Year?

Some parents are more concerned about their children getting A's than they are about their children's emotional well-being in the social environment. We offer a few practical suggestions in Can Sarah Come Over?

New Year's Bonus:
It's that time again—New Year's Resolutions. We would like to share some that we think will bring a lot of joy to you and your family. If you agree, please write and let us know how you are doing with them.
New Year's Resolutions for Parents—2003

What's New in December?

See what you think about a less traditional family approach to Santa Claus in this month's article,
What About Santa Claus?

Christmas Bonus: A revised old classic can set the stage for a more harmonious Holiday in this month's vignette,
Twas Mom's Night Before Christmas

What's New in October?

Some things from the "good old days" are still valuable and worth noting. Take a look at the new vignette, Raggedy Ann's Measuring Stick.

What's New in September?

How do you define being a good parent? This month our featured article Am I a Good Parent? focuses on re-examining how we measure the quality of parenting.

What's New in August?

The new question in this month's Questions and Answers, addresses something many families are struggling with today: There's so much pressure from the culture to stick to schedules, how can we maintain a sense of joy in the household while still managing daily routines, bedtimes, getting dressed, etc. See if our answer helps solves this dilemma for you.

This month, we are also introducing an article about homeschooling— a subject that might be new to many of our readers. We understand that homeschooling may not be the right choice for everyone, but we believe the article presents some ideas that are worth reading.

What's New on June 3, 2002?

As our culture turns well-deserved attention to Fathers this month Win pays a special tribute to her Dad,
(and to her Mom): A Tribute to My Dad

What's New for May?

          This is the month when we take one day out of the year to celebrate our mothers—or to celebrate being mothers. We thought it would be a good time to share what we have discovered about the importance of mothers taking time out for themselves. Our featured article for May is entitled, Taking Care of Mom. It's filled with practical ideas that can benefit mothers as well as the whole family.

An Extra Treat

          We are delighted to feature a poem written by one of our young readers, 13 year-old Lily Squires. Her poem Being My Mom is featured this month in our Vignettes section.

What's New for April?

Dear Visitor,

          It is with great pleasure that we introduce our long-awaited website. We have had the domain names sweetjoy.com, .net, and .org reserved for 2 1/2 years. Now with the help of our dear friend, Sharon Rockey, at Webspin Studios we have created this site for your enjoyment. This launch is our first "What's New?" item for the spring of 2002.

          We will frequently add to the site so please revisit from time to time. We expect to be expanding each of the sections and new subjects will be added, including resources that we consider valuable. Occasionally guest authors (including children) will be invited to join us. By returning to this What's New? page you will find pointers or links to the newest material. If you would like to be added to our email list and receive periodic updates about our latest additions to the site, just contact us,

          We invite your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Your questions for the Questions and Answers pages are also welcome. We will make every effort to answer all questions; when there are multiple questions on one topic, we may combine them.

          The basic goal of the site is to raise the JOY level in the world, starting one person, one family at a time. Living Joyfully is possible!

          We wish for you many helpful and enjoyable visits to this new website.

          Win and Bill  



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