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          Our mentoring is a program of personal life coaching. In the case of families, we study the family dynamics and suggest principles and strategies as a customized program for them. This is a beginning to awakening their own intuitive guidance and direction toward the goal of creating joyful living experiences.

          The first step is getting acquainted. If the family lives locally, we usually meet at their house the first time. If they are not local, we get acquainted by exchanging pictures and short biographies as well as speak on the phone, write e-mail and/or exchange audio or video tapes.

          Fee: Getting acquainted is free. If we all agree to become a team (at least temporarily) the hourly fee is negotiable.

          If you are interested in investigating the program, please read our book, Living Joyfully with Children, to see if our philosophy is compatible with your thoughts, then contact us if you wish to investigate further.  



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