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Themes: Setting the Stage for Joyful Family Living

          Families have themes—perhaps fear, control, trust, or joy. If parents don't consciously choose a theme, one is usually absorbed by default from the culture, and that often unwelcome theme is the governor of the household. All members of the family as well as the family dynamic are affected.

          Parents can learn to consciously choose a theme, or multiple themes, and take charge of the atmosphere, attitudes, and tone of daily living. The variety of themes is endless and the ultimate choices will vary in each family. Participants will gain the skills to identify, establish, and support a theme of choice.

          Every family can go for the stars: the theme of Joy. Joy is an innate quality of every person, therefore, it doesn't have to be sought from "outside," rather invited to shine from the true essence of every member of the family—the True Self. Parents maintain the Joy theme by eliminating Joy barriers and implementing Joy boosters. For example, replacing over-scheduling with quiet time to just be. Replacing a parent's "No" with "Yes" opens hearts to give and receive Joy.

          The Joy theme is family utopia!  


Parenting Begins before Conception

          This seminar is designed to help parents avoid the often heard comment, "If I'd only known this before I got pregnant."

          Just as plans are important in order to build a house, so too, active parenting, from conception on, is infinitely easier and more effective if there has been a good set of plans put into place before the "project" begins. The seminar will offer the opportunity for you to develop an inclusive plan to cover the many aspects of expanding a marriage into a joyful family. It is crucial to balance the needs of all members of the family, needs that are often unknown, ignored, or forgotten.

          We will explore these and other important issues for your plan, so that your family can move forward with optimum preparation and support. Everyone interested in parenting is welcome.  


Secrets for Joyful Family Living

          For any parent who has ever questioned the standard ways of parenting, this workshop provides invaluable and eye-opening ideas for creating a harmonious and joyful home. The secrets include honoring Nature's plan for children, compassionate discipline, positive expectations, and much more.

          We will explore recognizing and replacing the Joy Barriers in family life with Joy Boosters. For example, replacing over-scheduling with quiet time to just be opens hearts to give and receive joy. You will go home with many new parenting tools and be able to use them the same day.  


Joyful Parenting

          Learn about new parenting patterns: parenting by "Yes" rather than "No," by principles rather than rules, by honoring rather than scolding, and by joy rather than fear. Family living is more fun this way!  



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