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The Heart of Homeschooling

          The value of the opportunity for Homeschooling is immense. It reaches into every part of living and makes it possible to have the advantage of time, space, and freedom to accomplish many quality aspects of family living that are not usually possible with lifestyles in the common culture.

          This seminar will:

  • Uncover some of the unconscious fears and mistaken beliefs that could spoil the homeschooling experience.
  • Concentrate on establishing a healthy prioritized balance of the various activities that make up your daily family living so that the experience of being together is not stressful, but rather, joyful.
  • Develop a long range perspective for the children's entire lives so the often overlooked advantages of Homeschooling can be implemented now and will be beneficial to the children throughout their adult lives.

Homeschooling for Those in Doubt

          Are you excited about Homeschooling, but feeling doubtful and a little scared? Is there a spouse or are there grandparents, friends, and neighbors who think the idea is crazy? In this seminar you will have an opportunity to explore and dispel your fears and doubts, replacing them with confidence that frees you and your family to fully enjoy the Homeschooling experience.  

Homeschool Seminars Review

The following is a review of our seminars at the California Home=Education Conference in August, 2003.

Dear Win and Bill,

         Thank you so much for coming and presenting at our Home=Ed conference. As coordinator I was unable to attend all the workshops, however, I do now have copies of all the tapes. I just finished listening to your two tapes—and wish to give you both big cyber hugs.

         You have such important information to share and such wisdom to pass along. I wish it were possible to make it mandatory for everyone beginning homeschooling to listen to your tapes. In fact, it would be good for everyone to hear.

         My boy has never gone to school and is 15. He is happy, but it is really easy for the culture to give messages that cause him to feel insecure at times. Your message is so validating to that which is truly important—the higher priorities and that which builds long term, as well as short term happiness. If everyone could simply be left to discover, develop and offer their gifts—what a joy it would be!

         I have benefited from listening to your tapes and shared with my son. I will be recommending the tapes to others. I wish I had had more freedom to visit with you at the conference.

         I am loving the teen years and wish I could hang on to them, even as I appreciate and admire the person my son is growing to be. I think if more people could get your message sooner, more people would love teens—instead of being in conflict with them.



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