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Teens: Blossoming into Adulthood:
Parents! Sleep well during the teen years!

          The framework for adult relationships is created in childhood and adolescence. You have an exceptional opportunity to give promise to your children of a bright future with healthy and joyful relationships.

          Help your teens and preteens be confident with their sexuality by appreciating their budding adulthood and understanding the true qualities of Womanhood and Manhood. Help them develop principles for making lifestyle choices, selecting friends, and building relationships.

          It is never too early to prepare for the teen years. Parents of children of all ages will find this workshop valuable.  


"I wouldn't dream of dropping out."
What would it take for at-risk students to have this attitude?

          This presentation outlines a program designed to create an environment in the classroom and the home where dropping out is unthinkable. The program addresses the core issues behind the impulse to drop out. The strategy of the program is to provide an atmosphere for the students in which they can feel valuable as individuals and valued by their communities. In this optimum emotional state of safety and freedom they can engage enthusiastically in learning and relationship opportunities where dropping out is never entertained.

          The program is implemented through effective actions, including the following:

  • Determining what the dropout students are fleeing from and the fears and anger that drive them to do so;
  • Exploring what the students feel drawn to and what they hope to find there;
  • Adopting principles that can eliminate the sense of fear;
  • Employing play and movement as a means to replace stress with enthusiasm;
  • Honoring the True Self of each person involved in this cooperative process;
  • Supporting the collaboration of teachers and parents;
  • Respecting Nature's requirements for brain development, physical growth and maintenance, emotional strength, and healthy relationships;
  • Exposing common cultural norms that actually impede and block progress toward the goal—dropping out is unthinkable.

          The presentation will include lecture, discussion, small group interaction, and demonstrations of movement and play activities. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their tools to implement the program, tools they can begin to use the same day. Summary handouts will be provided. Each participant will leave the workshop prepared to create a new paradigm for children.  


Secrets for Success in Marriage (for Teens and Young Adults)

          The seeds for success or failure in marriage are planted long before the wedding. Even if you've not yet begun to think about marriage, you can benefit from becoming well-prepared to make the most important decision of your life with wisdom and confidence. We will discuss many secrets for successful mariage that are not known in the common culture. You will learn how to make an individual plan for yourself now that will lead you to a joyful future.  



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