Our Seminars

Our Mentoring



      We make presentations as speeches, informal talks, seminars and workshops. The structure of seminars is generally lecture and a question and answer period. Workshops can be on the same topic as a seminar but structured to include interaction as well as individual personal activities, such as a bit of reflective writing (or thinking).

          Our seminars have been as long as an entire weekend and as short as an hour. We make our presentations as a team. Audio/visual equipment such as an overhead projector is convenient, but not required.


          A sampling of the conferences and organizations where we have presented are:

    Santa Barbara City College
    Las Madres
    La Leche League
    Spirit of Learning/Soul in Education
    Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health
    California Home Education
    The Link
    The Learning Center

          Following are descriptions of some of our seminars and workshops. We also customize presentations specifically according to the requests or needs of the audience. Fees and minimum advanced registrations are negotiable. Contact us for further information.